Key Replacement For Paragon Lock & Safe and Stalwart

Verification of ownership is required in order to receive a replacement key for your home, office, or gun safe. We can issue replacement keys if you can provide the necessary information to prove that you are the owner of the safe. We require 2 documents:

  • Screenshot or printout of your original order
  • Identification that matches the name on the original order

You will also be required to provide a picture of the key/safe code. This could be in various places, usually engraved on the lock of the safe. The example on the right is Key Code 921.

Codes will be in one of the following formats:

  • H#### (for example, H1034)
  • 8#### (for example, 80675)
  • 9### (for example, 9026)
  • ### (for example, 721)

Replacement Keys are $35. This includes the key and all shipping and handling costs.

Use the form below to request and pay for a key replacement. If we are unable to provide a suitable key replacement, your payment will automatically be fully refunded. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly.

We strive to send key replacements out as fast as possible, but is a very manual process. You should expect your key to be shipped within 3 business days and arrive to you within 7 business days. If you do not receive your key within 7 business days, please feel free to contact us.

Key Replacement Request and Payment Form

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This is required as proof you are the owner of the safe. The name on this receipt must match the identification attachment.
This is required as proof you are the owner of the safe. The name on this identification must match the order/receipt attachment.